Mechanical engagement ring box

Now this is how a machinist gets hitched! This is a locking mechanical iris box for an engagement ring that was completely designed and built by O’Bannon Custom Designs. Just have a look at that sexy mechanical movement. There is no way she could have said no!


  • Walnut and aluminum construction
  • Double micro bearings at each joint ensure buttery-smooth operation
  • 22 walnut inlays in the aluminum
  • Custom engraving
  • LED ring illumination with hidden switch and battery pack
  • Custom heart key

We’re currently sold out. If you’re interested in purchasing a Mechanical Iris Lock Box, please add your contact information to our waitlist here. We’ll be sure to notify you when we have more ready to ship out!

If you’d like more information or to discuss a custom order, please contact us here.

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USA Shot Glass Display – 1000 Pins!

1000 pins.png

Our O’Bannon Custom Design’s USA shot glass display just hit 1000 pins on Pinterest!  Thanks to all who repinned!

Due to lots of requests, we will be building a batch of these which will go on sale in March. The limited time opening price will be $150 + shipping. 

 If you would like to be notified when they become available, message us in our contact page and we will send you a message when they are ready. We also plan to open an Etsy store this Spring to sell some of our other creations. Check back for more details.

May the force be with you! – Custom edge lit Star Wars sign

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Have an idea from an edge lit display? We do them! This example  is a custom Star Wars BB-8 edge lit acrylic sign done for a kid’s room. It shipped complete with remote controlled color changing LED’s! The base is made from maple and engraved aluminum. Hit us up on our contact page to get your own custom edge lit sign!

A Ukulele


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Dimensions: 21″L x 6.5″W x 2.2″D
Raw Materials: bass, purple heart, cherry, spruce

This Ukulele is a project that was completely developed by O’Bannon Custom Designs from beginning to end.The project is intended to showcase not only our machining abilities, but our ability to design your project. We can take your idea, create a digital model and produce realistic renderings prior to ever cutting material. This gives you the peace of mind that you will be 100% satisfied with your custom piece. Check out the photo evidence below!

 Rendering vs. Actual


And of course here it is in action…

View and download our 3D model here:



Viva Venezuela!!


This is a custom business display piece made for a Venezuelan swimsuit manufacturer, Arena Cristal. They had just gotten a new company logo 2 weeks prior to a trade show in Panama, and they needed a display for their booth in a hurry. O’Bannon Custom Designs took their logo from image to finished sign in a matter of a few hours. Just in time to make the plane to Panama! Check out their instagram below!

Toyota supercharger special service tool

Normally our CNC is running artistic type projects, but sometimes you get a job request that is a challenge you just can’t resist. Such was the case with this project. The request came from a guy who was rebuilding Toyota MR2 superchargers. The trouble was that he needed a Toyota special service tool to take the clutch pulley off to start getting into the internals. Toyota does not sell this tool, so he asked us if we could fabricate one. Obviously we thought this project was awesome and agreed!

He brought over a supercharger for us to take measurements on, and then we began designing the tool. We started with a 1.5″ thick block of 6061-T6 aluminum and milled it out from there. The backside is a 22 mm hex which allows for a socket to slide right over the tool. As you can see the tool successfully removed the clutch pulley nut. The customer recently told us that he has now rebuilt 7 more of these superchargers using the tool we created for him!


The Making of a Shop Sign


I decided that our work shop needed a sign, but I wanted it to be a mix of rustic and modern elements.So… I used some reclaimed walnut board from my family’s farm for the frame and cut the O’Bannon Custom  Designs logo out of cast acrylic. To finish it off, I lit it up with some LED’s. The sign even has a remote to change the colors!

-Andrew O’Bannon


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