Toyota supercharger special service tool

Normally our CNC is running artistic type projects, but sometimes you get a job request that is a challenge you just can’t resist. Such was the case with this project. The request came from a guy who was rebuilding Toyota MR2 superchargers. The trouble was that he needed a Toyota special service tool to take the clutch pulley off to start getting into the internals. Toyota does not sell this tool, so he asked us if we could fabricate one. Obviously we thought this project was awesome and agreed!

He brought over a supercharger for us to take measurements on, and then we began designing the tool. We started with a 1.5″ thick block of 6061-T6 aluminum and milled it out from there. The backside is a 22 mm hex which allows for a socket to slide right over the tool. As you can see the tool successfully removed the clutch pulley nut. The customer recently told us that he has now rebuilt 7 more of these superchargers using the tool we created for him!


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